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Pawan Kumar Dhoot highlights the current scenario of the real estate sector

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A worker installs models in preparation for a real estate exhibition in Shanghai
Real estate reality – By Pawan Kumar Dhoot

Real estate market lures a number of potential buyers and is usually considered a safe bet by the investors. As a matter of fact, this sector too has its highs and lows just like any other market. For instance, there was a boom in the realty sector from 1988-1994. On the other hand, the market was stagnant during the year 2002. Pawan Kumar Dhoot, M.D. Dhoot Group, one of the leading realty entities highlights that it is imperative for the investors to consider certain factors before investing in this sector.

At present, the number of people buying residential properties has decreased drastically. The increase in the property prices compared to the average income of individuals is one of the major reasons for this. Thus, there arises a dire need to induce the concept of affordability in the real estate prices.

 The level of demand is also determined by Rental yield (the amount of rent paid per annum over the cost of buying a property). People prefer buying their own home over living in a rented property if the rent is higher than the EMI to be paid for purchasing a property. There is a direct relationship between rental yields and the level of demand. In other words, the demand tends to increase if the rental yields are high.

Real estate – Buy, Hold or Sell

According to Pawan Kumar Dhoot, Managing Director of Dhoot Group, the real estate market is a speculative market and thus moves in cycles. Talking about the present state of the market, he anticipated that the current correction phase will last for a few more years. The stagnancy in the realty sector has resulted in a number of unsold inventories. There has also been an increase in the cost of construction over the past few years. The increase in cost during diminishing demand has pressurized the developers to lower down their prices.

In such critical situations, it becomes important for the investors to undergo a comprehensive study of the market in order to ensure great returns and make the best use of their resources.

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Silver Spring West by Dhoot Developers

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The scenario where more and more number of people are opting for houses that offer great deal of convenience has led to a brewing trend of ultra-modern living space. People want living spaces that offer them a prime location, good quality of construction, comfortable abodes and a peaceful aura. In this regard, the concept of township caters to all the aspects.

 Silver Spring West by Dhoot Developers
Silver Spring West by Dhoot Developers

Dhoot Developers by Dhoot Group has brought to the consumers a project called ‘Silver Spring West’ which is going to amalgamate these needs. Investors are looking forward to invest their funds in the upcoming township which is set to offer them lucrative returns.
Silver Spring West is a residential township that sprawls across 30 acres. The project is located at Kona Express in Kolkata. It is built in the form of a modern integrated and self-sufficient township. The township has villas, logistic center, shopping facilitation, hospital and educational institute within its vicinity.
Dhoot Developers is a unit of Dhoot Group and has offered many lucrative projects in the horizontals of residential, commercial, hospitality, farm house colony, medical, and education. Dhoot Developers has delivered these projects at Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai.
The group has experienced a very successful journey particularly in its commercial and hospitality ventures with its superlative projects like The Gateway resort at Gurgaon, Dhoot Business Center at Mumbai, Time Tower at Gurgaon, and The Spring Club at Kolkata.
Dhoot Group has also had immense success in residential projects lately with its projects such as Olympia Grande and Olympia Opaline at Chennai and Club Town Estate at Kolkata. The farm house colony ‘Spring Drive’ by the group is a unique interpretation of home and includes an open ground plan and custom- styled features for the residents.
The spokesperson for Dhoot Developers said that Silver Spring West is harnessing a very positive response from investors owing to our success in fetching good returns. Though the real estate industry has been a bit dull recently, the group is hoping for a good response from people. Silver Spring West is one real good option to invest your money because of its location and smart amenities.